• Veggie Box of Granola Barks (28 bars)
  • Veggie Granola Barks 2-Pack
  • Granola Barks Back Label 2-Pack
  • 2 Granola Barks
  • Closed Box of Granola Barks (28 bars)

Veggie Box


Veggie Granola Barks® are a premium dog treat made with 3 main ingredients: Oats (Naturally Gluten-Free), Veggie Bone Broth, and Coconut Oil.

1 Box contains 28 bars (14 2-packs).

The simplicity of the recipe allows for the natural aromas of each ingredient to stand out and create an incredibly positive behavioral response, often from picky eaters too.

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About Veggie G-Barks

About The Ingredients

The 3 main ingredients in Veggie Granola Barks® are: Oats, Vegetable Broth, and Coconut Oil.  We also add a drop of Vitamin E, which is a natural preservative.

We make our own vegetable broth in-house using carrots, celery, and potatoes.  The final broth has a rich smell and satisfying taste.

We then mix the vegetable broth with naturally gluten-free oats and organic coconut oil rich in healthy fats to create the dough.

The dough is then shaped and baked into crunchy, healthy bars (see Behind-The-Scenes tab) that are then packaged into Granola Barks®.  Our unique packaging features different dogs available for adoption.

Our Dog Shelter Partnerships

Each flavor features a different shelter dog available for adoption at a local shelter.  When a label dog is adopted we put another adoptable dog on the next time we print packaging.  We continue following the story of adopted label dogs for as long as possible on their profiles on our website.  See our current adoptable label dogs here.

Guaranteed Analysis

Our laboratory performed Guaranteed Analysis measures 5 data points:

  1. Crude Protein (Min.)………13%
  2. Crude Fat (Min.)………………9%
  3. Crude Fiber (Max.)…………..2%
  4. Moisture (Max.)…………….6.2%
  5. Calories (in 2 bars)………….130

By proportion the largest ingredient added is oats, followed by bone broth.  We have found that the Guaranteed Analysis measurements do not vary much between flavors.  We plan to do micro-nutrient testing to understand the full nutrition profile of our different flavors and share the findings.


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