Our Adoptable Label Dogs

Pic of Dolly at DAWG
About Dolly: Talk about craving human affection, Dolly just melts our hearts!  She gets so excited to see people, both new and old. She will greet you with a serious tail wag and some snorty sounds that make her that much more endearing. She is a muscley bull of a […]


Featured Image of Rico
About Rico: Rico’s previous owner sadly passed away. He’s seeking an active owner who will provide him with rules and structure. He walks nicely on leash, likes to pull you on a scooter or bike, loves to play fetch and roll in the grass. He is house broken. He is […]


Pic of Balto at DAWG
About Balto: Looking for a super intelligent, confident, active companion? If so, Balto is your man! He’s adventurous, independent and loves to be outdoors. He was left on our door step one morning, and his owner never came back for him. He seems like a pretty happy boy nonetheless. He is […]


Pic of Lucky at DAWG
About Lucky: This adorable, curly haired fluff is Lucky. Lucky came from a situation where his owners no longer had time for him and he was left in a kennel for 15 hours a day for 6 months straight! This could make anyone go a little nutty- dog or human. […]


Pic of Dexter at DAWG
About Dexter: He is a young two-year-old male, weighing in at about 55 lbs. and unfortunately has been shipped to a bunch of shelters in his life – from Lompoc to Orange County to DAWG, and he hasn’t necessarily liked any of them. He’s very happy in a house and loves […]